Sony New Zealand has officially confirmed that their last generation console, PlayStation 3 will no longer be available to the retailers from now onward, across the country.

According to the latest statement from Sony to ThoseGamers, Sony confirms that they won’t be supplying new PlayStation 3 consoles to the retailers once the remaining consoles goes out of stock.

“SCENZ will not be shipping anymore PlayStation 3 consoles to its retailers however the platform is still available in retail outlets throughout NZ and being supported with peripherals, great new releases and back catalogue software”,

Sony started pulling out PlayStation 3 from New Zealand and there are more chances that the discontinuation may reach across the different parts of the world in coming months or maybe from next year.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 became available in the US and Japanese market by November 2006 and to the Europe and Australian market by March 2007. According to the stats, PlayStation 3 was sold over 80 million units by November 2013 when PlayStation 4 hit the market.