PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will eventually hit the PlayStation 4, but only after Xbox exclusivity ends, according to the developer.

There is no doubt that this year the video game that has become king of the market is the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The title developed by Bluehole is the best-selling steam game ever since it reached the digital store, surpassed 1.5 million players simultaneously on Steam, destroying the Dota 2 and does not seem to have a cap. The game will hit the Xbox One before the end of the year, but what about the Sony console, the PlayStation?

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Well, the PlayStation 4 only allows finalized titles and has no program of early access like Microsoft on console or Valve on Steam. So the only console in the market that will have this game in Early Access is Microsoft. Now, in a recent interview with  Bloomberg Brendan Greene of the Bluehole team hinted the arrival of this game on the PlayStation 4.

Chang Byung-gyu, who is co-founder of Bluehole, would be holding meetings with Sony to get the title to the PS4 console, after Xbox One exclusivity period ends. Something similar happened with the title Ark: Survival Evolved, which took time to get there because Microsoft was cleverer and played its cards very well.

The Xbox One is already expected to see a version of the game release later this year, so the PlayStation 4 version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will take some time.

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