Just a few hours ago the creators of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds via Twitter thanked their users, and not for less, as they were happy to announce that their successful survival shooter has reached 10 million copies sold. Really impressive numbers, considering the game was launched in July developers announced that the game reached 5 million copies sold and now the has exceeded 10 million copies just a month after the announcement, which indicates the great popularity of the game.

10 MILLION SOLD! I never thought we would reach such a number! Thank you all for your continued support of the team @PUBATTLEGROUNDS <3

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was launched in its Early Access phase on March 23, 2017, specifically 165 days ago, so 60,606 copies of the game have been sold per day (September 6), impressive numbers, and even more for a game that is not yet finished.

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Apart for these record sales numbers, it has also overshadowed Steam’s most popular online games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2 with peaks of more than 970,000 players enjoying the title simultaneously. Obviously, after this news, the numbers will continue to grow, now the only thing left to know is when it will hit the top position.

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