PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a new open world survival is doing great in the market. The game has been out for around 15 days through Steam Early Access and already managed to surpass over 1 million units being sold.

It appears that the players are having a good time with the new Player Unknown’s Battleground lately. Though the game is yet to be released officially, yet it managed to gain the attention of PC gamers. According to the reports, the title is good and the matchmaking is also great, which takes less time to join a match.

The developers at Bluehole Studio updated the blog post regarding the success with game’s early access thanking the players for their great response. Brendan Greene wrote that the team will continue improving the game in the near future.

“We couldn’t have reached this milestone without the dedication of our players and we are truly humbled by their passionate response. As we move to make improvements and deliver new content we will actively engage this growing fan base.”

According to some figures revealed by Bluehole, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground had 89,000 simultaneous active players at a given time and over 2,000 streamers on Twitch streaming the title on a daily basis. The team also mentioned that the title has been featured with 39,841 streams for a total of 5,168,180 minutes streamed since its launch.

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The game’s development is still under process and according to the reports, the early access will continue for up to six months (more or less). The title is confirmed only for Windows platform at the moment. Stay tuned for more updates!

Via: PlayerUnkown

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