Engaged in market monitoring firm Nielsen has released the results of its latest survey. They analyze and then made the actions on the basis of the selection of players for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U.

The study, called “Nielsen 360 Gaming Report” asked 4,400 respondents what were the driving factors behind the purchase of their consoles. And so, for the respondents who have decided to buy a PS4 decisive factor was the “higher resolution”. Xbox One buyers guided by “brand”. While the Nintendo Wii U stood in their homes due to deliver much fun.

What else counts for the players? In the case of consoles, Sony and Microsoft are also important factors in performance and additional functionality. For Wii U supports but value for money and backward compatibility. The full results are as follows:

PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Wii U
1 Higher resolution Brand Fun-Factor
2 Blu-ray Innovative features Better for Children
3 Game Library High performance Value for Money
4 High performance Exclusive Games/Content Backward compatibility
5 For the whole family Fun-Factor Exclusive Games

With Nielsen 360 Gaming Report also shows that 9 out of 10 users of next-generation consoles had earlier PS3 and Xbox 360 or Wii. 86 percent of Wii U owners previously owned a Wii. Meanwhile, 76 percent of current Xbox One purchased an Xbox 360 last generation. In the case of the previous PS4 console while only 66 percent were using (but with the Wii up to 72 per cent.).

Full results below:

Owners of
PlayStation 4
Owners of
Xbox One
Owners of 
Wii U
7th generation console (Net) 91% 88% 93%
Have a PlayStation 3 66% 43% 64%
Xbox 360 59% 76% 65%
Have a Nintendo Wii 72% 72% 86%

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Source: GameSpot, Nielsen, GameRevolution

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