Sony Online Entertainment has announced that, the multiplayer first-person shooter game PlanetSide 2 for PlayStation 4 will arrive in the December of the current year, first they will release the beta of it. The Beta version of the Planetside 2 will help the developers to diagnose bugs or other issues with the game.

Creative Director Matt Higby confirmed this news. Additionally, he said that the game was PS4 announced in 2013 so for developers there is a plenty of time in order to make the game better in every aspect whether it’s performance, the game will offer a great experience on current-Generation Console. 

As for the visuals, Higby (Leader of Development team) said that the PlayStation 4 release can easily compare with the PC version of this game. For Playstation 4 version they use Ultra Texture, all particle elements set to high also shadows and lightning too. The game will run at 1080p resolution of PS4 and they are trying to reach the 60FPS target, which is seems possible. 

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