Alcatel Onetouch has proclaimed the Pixi 3 a whooping new range of smartphones, and the Pixi 3 range is quite fascinating. It’s not fascinating because they bear screens with huge resolutions or hefty raw power in the hood, to be more exact, this time they have swept the floor because of the new OS idea they have introduced. Alcatel Onetouch calls the Pixi 3 range OS-rationalist, and offers them with either Android, Windows Phone, or Firefox OS introduced.

Pixi 3 offers 4 variants, yet again as their OS idea they offer various screen sizes which is either 3.5-inch, a 4 inch, a 4.5 inch or a 5 inch display, and everything except the most downgraded variant have 4G LTE integration.

It’s not crystal clear how the various OS idea works, however, its doubtful the smartphones will accompany all 3 OS i.e. Windows, Android and Firefox OS, but instead you’ll pick which one you need at the time of purchase. The hardware specifications of the Pixi 3 range are at present obscure, however, will be uncovered soon. But overall it is quite interesting to let users choose their favorite OS, if all 3 OS comes within a single phone, then for sure it will be a huge leap in the smartphone market, moreover it will thrust Alcatel among top ranked smartphone makers.

Alcatel’s new Pixi 3 range will be on showcase at CES 2015. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the phone.


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