The untidiness of the Exodus exodus on the Steam platform, and the consequent exclusivity for the Epic store will be remembered as a turning point in the way games are marketed on the PC platform, and not just it will remain in history because of the fact itself, but also because of the reactions and consequences of such a plot twist. The latest remarkable novelty of this soap opera is perhaps even a colorful detail in all the drama that implies to consumers. It turns out that the decision to move to the store of Epic Games was so sudden that they did not reprint the boxes of the physical copies, which now carry a sticker with the Epic logo covering Steam logo below it.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of the Epic store should go much further than just a better commission than the Valve store. At the time of the conflict, even THQ Nordic acknowledged that they did not take part in the decision as it was top management decision, holding the Koch Media group responsible for having unexpectedly terminated the contract.

Finally, Metro Exodus was launched exclusively through the Epic store without any technical problems inherited in the transfer of platforms.

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