Math is the most difficult subject for most of us (including me -_-), even sometime you will feel headache while solving equations. In this technological evolution era, where everything is becoming smaller, less time consuming and more helpful. May be you are wishing for an angel who will solve those mathematical problems for you?  Now, with the development of a new application that has become possible.

PhotoMath Is A Free App That Can Solve Equations Through Smartphone Cameras


Now there is an application, namely PhotoMath calculator APP, as long as you put the phone’s camera lens on the subject to be calculated, the software can instantly show the calculation results and the software will tell you the answer, simple, unique and more accurate.

Of course, the current PhotoMath currently only supports basic arithmetic, general equation, and a combination of linear equations to calculate the number, the later version also adds more support, but for now it’s really strong innovation in this era of development, where you have millions of choices for Applications.

The software currently supports iOS and Windows Phone system phone, Android users still need to wait until early next year, the official website provides a download link on the APP, interested friends taste it.

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