Many PC users had been already aware of it, because the PC version of the game is not using the same engine (now for the third time) on par with its counterpart “next-Gen” console. The prestigious comparative video channel Candyland has released a video comparison between the three versions mentioned and you can observe a shameful level of detail in the PC version regarding the next-Gen consoles, especially the PS4 is obviously the best among three.

PES 2017 – PC Vs PS4 Vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison

PES 2017 using the FOX Engine, the football is supported by the use of a new physics and promise to improved artificial intelligence of the game. Developers also include Control Reality feature, which adds a greater degree of visual realism that we find in the lighting or weather effects.

The PC is set to max graphics, although there isn’t much to set anyway. We captured identical conditions, stadiums and teams. The first one is FC Barcelona vs. Arsenal London at Camp Nou Stadium, rainy weather at night. The second one is the national teams of Brazil and Germany, playing at day, clear weather in Estadio Alberto J. Armando, actually located in Buenos Aires, Argentine. We tried to use Estádio do Maracanã but it wasn’t available on PC. As you can see, the PC version of PES 2017 doesn’t use the same graphics engine as the current-Gen consoles, again.

Hopefully KONAMI considers this for the next installment of PES.