While Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain dazzles on the PC thanks to the implemented effects and higher resolutions at 1080p. Now Konami brings the downgraded version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, looking same as PES 2015, because it is again a hybrid between old and new generation consoles, knowing that the power of a mid-range PC exceeds a PlayStation 4.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – Graphics Comparison PC Vs PS4


We remind you that both Metal Gear Solid V and PES 2016 are developed on the same graphics engine (Fox Engine)..

As you can see above, the players seem to be almost identical in both versions of the game, although the public and the staff of the court is of lower quality. In the comparison, we can also see most vivid colors in the version of the Playstation 4. To make matters worse, according to a Polish review the PC version seems to have the dynamic weather system (see rain in the first half and in the second the sun will rise, and vice versa).

In terms of sound we have a suspicious lack of support for DirectX 11 – API which is mandatory for the current generation, only requiring DirectX 9.0c, and a minimum dual core to run it. With 1GB of RAM we will also be ready for, even, to start, and if we play with all the best, with 2GB of RAM will be fine. So you have to hand their pocket calculators, because they will be able to play PES2016 everywhere. It can be installed on a pen drive.

Worst of all is that Konami on Steam is promoting PES 2016 with images of the Playstation 4 version. It seems that the Japanese company wants to eat a lawsuit for false advertising.

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