Konami Digital Entertainment will release the official game of the UEFA EURO 2016 tournament in physical format (for Europe) and as a digital download on April 21 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Users of PES 2016 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC will receive the content dedicated UEFA EURO 2016 as free DLC on March 24.

PES 2016 – Free DLC ‘UEFA EURO 2016’ will be launched in March 24


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KONAMI obtained a license from the UEFA EURO 2016 last year and all that content will be offered as completely free DLC for users of PES 2016.  This competition will take place in France, where 24 national teams will gather in the initial group stage pre-match playoff. Qualified teams from all over Europe will compete to get Henri Delaunay Cup, the first match on June 10 and the final will be played at Stade de France a month later, on July 10. During that time, 50 games, where we see the greatest talent in Europe will be played.

The official UEFA EURO 2016 title Konami appears the main menu of the game PES 2016 will be instantly visible-law and the game loads. The physical disk version (only in Europe) will contain all the PES 2016 game and content UEFA EURO 2016. The gameplay UEFA EURO 2016 will include all the iconography and presentation elements for this tournament, in addition to the Stade de France, which will host the final in July. Of the 24 teams qualified, including real players and hundreds of faces of players active, 15 are licensed teams that include the recent signings of the England, Wales, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Croatia Slovakia, Iceland, Turkey, Albania, Northern Ireland and the host, France. All perfectly recreated. All teams will be in line with the qualified teams, with their style of play perfectly replicated through innovative Team Player ID and ID systems, which mimic the exact style of play, both players and the whole team.

In addition to the single player mode, KONAMI also supports the contents of the UEFA EURO 2016 with a series of promotions. The Official PES League online is during the competition, while a special series of promotions MyClub are also planned. MyClub is a hugely popular option in PES 2016 it allows users to use their accumulated points or micro-transactions in the game to build your winning team and lead it to glory. While the tournament, KONAMI will launch a special series of incentives MyClub including Euro Special Agents that allow players who are playing well in the competition, to be recruited for use in MyClub. Those who purchase the physical copy of the UEFA EURO 2016 game will also receive special awards MyClub, including access to a Special Agent Ambassador, seven special agents of the Euro, making seven players of the 24 qualified teams, and each week for 10 10,000GP weeks.

“All eyes will be on France as the most prestigious European competition is held in June and we are very pleased to present the game of UEFA EURO 2016 tournament Bladinieres said Erik, Director of European Brand Football for Konami Digital Entertainment BV” With demonstration as high football level, only the PES series could actually recreate it in all its glory. Our team is committed to make a game that falls short of the competition, giving all the depth of gameplay and entertainment to a whole new wave of fans. PES Our fans are the most enthusiastic and devoted any football title and we are happy to give UEFA EURO 2016 content for free, while we support and online promotions MyClub we ensure it will be a summer football remember.”

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