Pebble has verified that the organization has sold over a million smart watches. Because it continues on to manage high on the achievements of the wearables, Pebble is gearing about to launch a brand new smart watch which will challenge the upcoming Apple Watch which is no substitute for the current smart watches that you can get.

On Monday, Feb . 2, Pebble’s founder and also CEO Eric Migicovsky exposed the accomplishment of the landmark to The Verge in an interview. The ground-breaking figure was attained by the company on Dec . 31 , 2014. Pebble’s smart watches hitting the coveted 1 million product sales statistics is pretty an achievement contemplating the organization had marketed 400 ,000 units by March 2014.

Exactly what might have stimulated the product sales of the smart watches is the price cut by Pebble. In September 2014, Pebble cut down the price of its basic watch from $150 to $99. The Pebble Steel variant also witnessed a reduction from $250 to $200. Furthermore, the organization additionally added a gamut of brand new features to both the models, such as background health and fitness tracking and fitness apps such as Jawbone.

Pebble’s smart watches have persisted to acquire reputation with consumers post its record-breaking Kick-starter marketing campaign in 2012 where it elevated $7 million in one week. In spite of contest from Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony who have all introduced Android Wear-equipped smart watches , Pebble proceeds to re-arrange its strategies to be ahead of competitors.

With Apple also supposed to introduce its smart watch in April this year, Pebble is ready to accept the opposition head on. Migicovsky has showed Pebble not just has brand new merchandise in the pipeline, as well as looking at releasing a fresh software platform for its wearables. Whilst Migicovsky decided not to reveal what’s in store for consumers, he hinted that the new system could make the Pebble watches exceptional.

Source: The Verge


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