A market study developed by Jon Peddie has revealed that the computer industry continues to grow, beginning to overcome in profits to consoles, but also details the consumer behavior. The trend indicates that most the players prefer customized parts and upgrades rather than pre-assembled systems.

Market Research reveals that the PC industry is still growing and Faster than Consoles


According to the report, the PC market has generated a total of 21.5 billion dollars in hardware sales last year, doubling the revenue generated from sales of consoles. In addition, it is projected that the PC market will continue to grow in the coming years.

But more interestingly, the study reveals that the largest demographic consumer which involve a significant 44% – are called “enthusiast segment” as PC gamers choose hardware and put up in own systems at home.

This does not mean that the market for pre-armed and high-performance notebooks will fall dramatically, but seems to have an awareness on the part of the players, and much more information to begin to meddle with knowledge, and so easily outperform any console quite limited since birth.

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