According to the site VGChartz, specializing in sales numbers game and platform, and thanks to the possibilities of Steamspy today is clearer than ever the revival and success of the PC platform. According to a new report based on Multiplatform games, PC game sales are above than games sold for Consoles.

To calculate the values, as no one has actual data on their sale, used a calculated by the most reliable in the subject- consultant NPD Group -the percentage, how they could never have data on digital sales in 2014 concluded that the maximum Sales of non-physical copies is around 25% of purchases in physical.

As references for the report started with Alien: Isolation, which sold 120,000 PC hard copies against 320,000 copies on Xbox One, but by adding the digital, as in the case of our platform reached 650,000 units, and 106,000 Xbox One is calculated . The result is absolute, reaching a total of 770,000 to 426,000 for PC and console Microsoft.

Another case is the popular game Dying Light, where untold physical sale of PC because Steam 640,000 units sold enough to exceed the total sales of 506,000 Xbox One (combined the physical and digital) .Similarly, it was calculated for the game Lords of the Fallen, who just arrived in Steam 218,000 units, and in the console of Microsoft, adding all alone reaches 146,000 units.

The same case is repeated again and again, with the most popular games on the market, as Thief, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Sleeping Dogs, Metro: Last Light, Diablo III, Sniper Elite 3, Dark Souls II, and particularly, Tomb Raider, Square Enix has decided to sign an exclusive to Xbox despite having sold much better against 440,000- -3,000,000 on the platform of the Master Race.

The trend is also true in games that have been released long after the PC, as Grand Theft Auto V, which despite being released a year and a half later on the PC, has already reached sales of Xbox One. According Take-Two, more than 75% of those with GTAV PC, have purchased digitally, meaning that the game has sold so far, about 3.33 million units. One Xbox version, which has a big advantage of time, would be reaching 3.6 million units sold.

The PC is still alive and better than ever. Do not let the rest of the media to hide this data and put retouched images in comparisons, keep lying to them.