Epic Games today announced its third-person MOBA ‘Paragon’ developed with the powerful Unreal Engine 4 which will open its doors to all PC users and Playstation 4 on Aug. 16.

Paragon New Character ‘Khaimera’ Trailer

Those who are enjoying the Early Access of Paragon can play with the new hero ‘Khaimera‘, the first duelist fighter specializes in team battles. His ability ‘Pounce’ lets you jump to an enemy hero, briefly stunning him and causing physical damage.

During the fighting, the spiritual health regeneration of Khaimera coupled with basic attack. This ultimate hero does a lot of damage, rooting and isolating the enemies of our allies.

Epic Games also confirmed a number of changes, including a new Draft mode, changes to gameplay and more.


  • Added Draft Mode for all playlists.
  • Added new camera type to replay: MOBA
    • Camera angle is a more top-down view.
  • Chase and MOBA camera now have a foliage mask option. Able to toggle foliage masking on/off in Menu.
  • CXP Sharing from Minions
    • Lane minions pay 100% to the Hero that receives the amber. An additional 100% is paid out to nearby allied Heroes, however those Heroes share the amount evently.
    • Jungle minion no longer share CP. Only the last hitter receives CP.
  • Prime Orb Guardian
    • Pays CXP directly to killing team.
    • Each player team member receives 800 CXP.
    • Added some time after the special abilities are cast before auto attacks start again.
    • The carrier’s Prime Card is now active while carrying the orb.
  • Inhibitor Updates
    • Increased Inhibitor health from 3500 to 4000.
    • Inhibitors no longer respawn.
    • An additional Super Minion is spawned per Super Minion wave after 40 minutes of game time.
  • Updated Hero Bounties and Mechanics
    • Hero Kills now pay full bounty to the killer.
    • Amber dropped by player now payout to the entire team when picked up.
    • Reduced the amount of Amber Heroes drop on death.
    • Reduced base bounty from 760 to 470.
    • Dropped Amber is worth ⅓ the Hero’s bounty.
  • Shields no longer benefit from armor. Armor is only applied to damage left after shield absorption is calculated.
  • Lane Minions now start spawning earlier (15s after the match starts)
    • Updated Buff camps to spawn at 150s.
    • Prime Guardian spawn at 300s.
    • Updated White camp spawn time to 120s.
  • Minion updates
    • Reduced number of ranged minions base wave from 3 to 1 per wave.
    • Increased ranged and melee minion XP from 12 to 18.
    • Increased ranged and melee minion coins from 2 to 3 (10 to 15 for last hits).
    • Increased ranged, melee, and siege minion attack rating from 6.08 to base 15.2 and 1.8 per level.
    • Reduced siege minion health from 690 base and 15 per level to 375 base and 17 per level.
    • Increased ranged, melee, and siege minion resists vs. structures to account for change.
    • Updated super minion wave to include 3 regular melee minions, 1 ranged minion, and 1 super minion. Late game waves (after 40 minutes) still include an additional super minion (2 total).
      • Increased super minion health to account for change.
    • Removed melee minion bonus resist against other minions.
      • Increased melee minion health from 375 base and 17 per level to 470 base and 21.2 per level to account for change.
    • Updated minions’ move speed to be a flat 425.


  • New Skins added to the Store

    • Inner Fire Feng Mao

    • Wasteland Howitzer

    • Snakebite Murdock

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