Epic Games today announced that a new combat hero ‘Kwang‘ equipped with swords and spells will join the rest of the cast of Paragon on 4 October.

Paragon – Kwang will be available on October 4; Gameplay Trailer

Kwang is a tough fighter who excels at initiation. Like a master swordsman.

  • Light of Heaven – light rays strike the sword Kwang, causing damage in the area reach around and giving Armor Physics and Energy.
  • Judgement of Heaven – Kwang throws his sword to heaven. When it lands, it causes damage and tied his enemies to it. The sword is kept on the floor forever, until it is reactivated or until the next basic attack.
  • Gift of Heaven – Liabilities: Sword of Kwang explodes with light, creating an aura about ensuring that he and his enemies lose life.
  • Fury of Heaven – Kwang turns the sword around in an area of effect, causing damage and making slower enemies. If your sword has been launched and is out in the world will be ported to it before attacking.

As always, all the Heroes of Paragon are free, so you can play as Kwang from next Tuesday.