Panasonic has introduced a revitalized Toughbook 31. Though the organization has maintained the similar rugged exteriors of its flagship laptop computer, buyers can easily assume a lot more power delivered to them by a much faster processor and battery lifespan that may surpass 1 day.

On Monday, Jan. 26, Panasonic revealed the brand new Toughbook 31, which could survive nearly eighteen hours on just one charge on its primary battery and can last up to 27 hours with an additional optional battery pack for power users. Obviously, the precise battery expectancy is dependent upon particular owners and the work executed. Absolutely, battery-intensive tasks for example video streaming and online conferencing will certainly devour extra juice as compared to emailing and document editing.

The Toughbook 31 additionally carries on the fifth-generation 2 .3GHz Intel Core i5 processor with Turbo Boost up to 2 .9GHz built on Intel’s Broadwell micro-architecture, that is believed to be very much more power efficient in contrast to Intel’s Haswell processors . Intel promises the new Broadwell microchip all alone is liable for expanding the battery life of the Toughbook 31 for a full hour while enjoying high-definition videos.

The only other 2 notebooks that may survive about a minimum of twenty hours of battery power are Dell’s XPS 13 , which Dell claims may easily survive approximately 22 hours on the 2nd battery pack, moreover, Lenovo’s ThinkPad X250, which touts around 20 hours  also with two batteries. Both of them were presented during last month’s Global Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) in Las Vegas.

The enormous battery span does include restrictions. The Toughbook 31 is the one big slab of metal to drag around. At 2.9 inches thick and 7.9 pounds bulky ( 8.2 pounds with the additional second battery ), the Toughbook 31 is undoubtedly troublesome to carry around.

Nevertheless, this laptop is not designed for the typical customers  Rather, Panasonic intended Toughbook 31 for professionals working in severe environments, for instance paramedics and construction personnel. The 1 ,200-nit 13 .1-inch touchscreen is protected with a polarizer and anti-reflective together with anti-glare applications to ensure that consumers can easily see no matter what is on the display even if working perfectly under vivid sunshine.

Similar to the former Toughbooks, the most recent model includes the similar tough magnesium case designed to endure six-foot drops, shakes , shock or severe high temperature and is water and dust-resistant.

It also possesses a handle which makes carrying the laptop around a lot easier. Panasonic states this continuity in structure permits pros and enterprises to upgrade without difficulty simply because they do not need to spend money on new accessories, like car mounts and docks, for the Toughbook 31.

Certified Panasonic outlets will start selling the Toughbook 31, that may run on Windows 7 or Windows 8 .1 , for $3 ,699 in February. The price entails a three-year approved warranty from Panasonic.

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