It always been a stress moment when it comes to Pakistan VS India in a world cup match. Pakistan never won a world cup match against India, however, Pakistan have won 66% more matches Vs India then India did (75-50). What really happens to Pakistan when it comes to world cup, 6 matches till now all in the favor of India, the last one was in 2011 Mohali (semi-finals) where it reflecting that Pakistani players are playing in such a way as they are planned to do it.

Many this and that, what and why arises at this point. Today on 15th feb 2014 Pakistan keeping the same tradition thus India emerged as victorious by 76 runs. Kohli was dropped 2 time, one was difficult chance un-availed by Yasir Shah, while the second one was in the hand of wicket keeper and he (Umar Akmal) let it go as if it is his first time with keeping. But that all folks.

Ashwin was tremendous with the bowl every one have to agree with the crucial economy rate. M.Shami from the Indian side was the best pacer taking important wickets. From Pakistani side Sohail Khan took 5 wickets and was keen with ball. Spinners in the green team i.e. Shahid Afridi and Yasir Shah conceded many runs you can simply say alot of runs. Coming towards batting, V. Kohli made a fantastic century, S.Raina also played a tremendous knock there, don’t forget Dhawan key 70s by him. On the Pakistani side only batsmen to score 50+ was Misbah Ul Haq, alas! as always failed to score his maiden century in ODIs. India managed a psychological total of 300 while Pakistani team just thrashed on 224, India emerged as a winner by 76 runs.

Pakistan VS India World Cup Match Fixed? Few Mind Blowing Claims:

Everything aside there are something which we want to highlight specifically which is as follows:

A party representative of Pakistan Muslim League Noon (PMLN), Aslam Khan Tanoli chairman of tanoli youth wing. Member PMLN Social Media Team | PMLN Activist |Co-ordinator SMT PAKISTAN. Aslam Khan Tanoli last night tweeted something which blowed up my mind and definitely yours too.

Pakistan VS India World Cup Match Fixed? Astonishing Claims From PMLN Leader


In the tweet he said “India will made 300 and Pakistan will get out on 220. Copy this tweet and save it. A challenge”.

For your confirmation here is the link

You can see the time and date just a day before Pakistan VS India World Cup Match. Exactly same happened. Here is the score card by ESPN.

Pakistan VS India World Cup Match Fixed? Astonishing Claims From PMLN Leader


You can see 300 by India and just 4 runs more by Pakistan. It isn’t a magic or is it? What you say?

On Facebook there were few rumors we can’t post the links here because of security reasons.

A Guy on Facebook updated his status and said: “Modi phone call to Nawaz Shareef PM of Pakistan, then saying best of luck for match, rest was kept unknown to media XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”

That X means there was more but as it will make the issue very sensitive so we are not posting it here. Recently Pakistan govt have also released 172 fisher men today. One more thing Umar Akmal was given wrong out even the Tv umpire (third umpire) the decision was completely wrong. Just we want to highlight here and awaiting your opinion. Is it real? all this stuff or just a co-incidence?

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