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RX 6X50 Cover

AMD RDNA2 Refresh RX 6X50 XT Series Launch Delayed to May 10th

The year 2022 has been the best year for hardware enthusiasts and gamers since 2020, as the supply and pricing of graphic cards have...

Exclusive: First-Look and Specification Of Vivo X Fold Leaked

We have some really exciting news about the upcoming Vivo X-Fold. It is a smart folding phone aiming to be a direct competitor to...
240mm aio vs 280mm aio

240mm vs 280mm AIO

Here is an In-depth Difference Between 240mm vs 280mm; comparing Benchmarks, Performance, Noise, Case Compatibility, and other factors In 2022.
RTX 4000 series

RTX 4000 Series Has Double The Performance Of 3000 Series With A Catch

The upcoming RTX 4000 series promise to double the performance of the 3000 series of GPUs but there is a catch.
Apple iPhone

Apple Profits $6.9 Billion Dollars Following iPhone Charger Removal

We all know that the announcement made by Apple to become environmentally sustainable by removing chargers from the retail boxes was heavily criticized by...
Corsair H100i Review

Corsair H100i Review

Here is a complete Corsair H100i RGB Platinum CPU Liquid Cooler Review in 2022 - featuring Benchmarks, Unboxing, Installation and more.
Sony Left Russia

Sony Suspends All PlayStation Sales And Service In Russia

Due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, there has been a lot of rising tension, which has led large firms throughout the world...
Major Companies Leaving Russia

More than 150 Companies Boycotted Russia Over Ukraine Invasion

It is difficult to imagine that even in the year 2022, war exists. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has escalated into Europe's largest ground...
deepcool tf120 review

DeepCool TF120 Review

Deepcool TF120 Review Red have all the bells and whistles to provide for the optimal cooling requirement of your PC Case.
RTX 3070 review

RTX 3070 Review

GIGABYTE introduced their new lineup called the VISION series with the launch of the Z490 series Vision and B550 Vision D motherboards. The VISION...
Aerocool P7 L240 Review

Aerocool P7 L240 Review

Aerocool has sent their Project 7 series for Aerocool P7 L240 Review. Project 7 is the Aerocool’s branding for their RGB Gaming line up...
ORICO ZMC01 review

ORICO ZMC01 Review

ORICO Technologies Co., Ltd. is one of the global leading manufacturers of computer peripherals and digital accessories, whose brand ORICO is based on the...