Anticipating its release on the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on 24 May, Blizzard showcase the first animated short of its upcoming shooter, which seeks to explore the origin of some of its characters.

Overwatch: First Animated Short ‘RECALL’ Is Incredible

In this first episode we will know a little more about Winston, a genetically modified gorilla with unusual intelligence. Within the game, Winston has a maximum skill called Primeval IRA, which strengthens their instincts and strength to melee attacks.

“Imagination is the essence of discovery.”

A genetically modified super-intelligent gorilla Winston is a brilliant scientist and an advocate of the potential of humanity.

The Horizon lunar colony was established as a first step towards the renewed exploration of space by mankind. Among its residents a group of genetically enhanced gorillas that were aimed to check the effects of living in space.

One of the gorillas showed a brain development gene therapy produced by so fast that it was adopted in the custody of Dr. Harold Winston, who taught science and inspired him with stories of human ingenuity. The young gorilla spent his days helping with the experiments of scientists, watching the distant blue planet outside the window of their habitat and dreaming of the infinite possibilities that awaited him there.

But his life was plunged into chaos when the other gorillas staged a revolt, killed the mission scientists colony and claimed as his own. After adopting the name of his beloved human guardian, Winston built a makeshift rocket and escaped to Earth. There he found a new home on Overwatch, an organization representing everything that had come to admire humanity. Winston could finally meet the heroic ideal that had been drilled into him.

Now, with the fall of Overwatch, Winston was isolated, again apart from the world in which he believes, but longing for the return of the days of heroism.

Weapons and abilities:

  • Tesla Cannon: Winston gun fires a short-range electric shock time hold the trigger.
  • Propellers: with the help of its thrusters energy, Winston is released into the air, causing major damage and stuns nearby enemies upon landing.
  • Shield projector: The projector Winston shield extends a field shaped bubble that absorbs damage until it is destroyed. The allies protected by the shield can shoot from inside.
  • Primal Rage: Winston accepts his animal nature. This increases your health considerably and makes it hard to kill, which strengthens your melee attack and allows you to use the thrusters ability more often.While in anger, Winston can only deal melee attacks and thrusters.

Overwatch will be released on May 24 for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game is now available for pre-order at a price of 39.99 USD. Those who purchase any of the editions of the game before launch (through the pre-sale) will receive Noire Widowmaker aspect of the character and advance to the open beta of the game that will be starting from May 3.

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