The developers of Overwatch 2 showcased extensive gameplay of the game on a new map: New York. This gameplay shows us a game of 5 vs 5 players, and if everything simplified, basically nothing new, and it is basically the same game as Overwatch 1. Even on a visual level, it is identical, but there are small changes (interface, role adjustment, etc) that can be applied through an update patch, so this “second installment” is so unnecessary that it is succeeding in terms of dislikes on Youtube.

For now, the game does not have a release date. Former Overwatch 2 development director Jeff Kaplan, who left the company at the end of April also claimed that he is not aware of release date. Kaplan also stated that game is still in development, as feedback will allow the team to focus on creating a good game, rather than meeting a specific date. The creative director indicated in the same way that  “I do not know, I have no idea. Let’s just make a great game, which is what concerns us more than anything.”

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