Starbreeze, the Swedish company responsible for development and distribution, which also owns the Overkill Software studio (makers of Pay Day 1/2 and another unannounced FPS for 2017), has received an investment of $40 million from the Korean publisher SmileGate. As a result of this new agreement, Starbreeze will develop a new cooperative game, Crossfire,  aimed at Western markets.

Overkill’s ‘The Walking Dead’ is delayed until mid-2017

Crossfire is a shooter multiplayer very popular in Asia and the Middle East. The new alliance will also allow Starbreeze distribute games to Overkill the Asian market through a proprietary platform SmileGate. The team intends to release the game simultaneously in the Western and Eastern markets.

Unfortunately, this announcement also informs us that the new video game based on the popular comic-and TV- series of zombies ‘The Walking Dead’, dated previously estimated for mid-2016, will now launch during the second half of 2017. The Walking Dead was announced in August 2014 as a cooperative FPS.

The new game based on the popular franchise zombies the new iteration of the graphics engine Diesel Engine Starbreeze, probably version 3.0, as Payday 2 uses 2.0.

Still, we don’t know on which platform it will be released, but it is likely to be launched for PC and next-Gen consoles.

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