Just ask someone to suggest you the best horror game and he will put the Outlast in the first place. Outlast is one of the most scariest game ever made in the history of gaming. This is a first person game in which you are with a camera and YOU CAN’T EVEN DEFEND YOURSELF. Yes, you are trapped in a psychiatric hospital overrun with homicide patients wasn’t scary enough and decided to make your character utterly useless. The just-announced Outlast 2 only recently began to slowly reveal itself to us today as we got our hands on the first image.

 Here’s the first image of Outlast 2


As much as I appreciate ruminating over the troubling disclosures that slow-burn horror games like SOMA regularly abandon me with, that style of horror game can’t fulfill my craving to be tossed from my seat by a sudden panic when I commit the error of waiting too long so I can take in all the gruesome details of what’s probably a human meat closet.

Outlast 2  comes to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One this fall.

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