Electronic Arts has made some changes in Origin store to implement some features that many users have been asking for ever since the launch of Battlefield 3. Now you can add items to your wishlist with being able to send and receive gifts, both two features will be released with the recent sale on Black Friday.

Origin Now Allows You To Send Or Receive Gifts – Details and Limitations

Battlefield 1


However, there are a few limitations that must be taken into account:

  • You can only send games which are already launched.
  • You can only Giveaway Electronic Arts games.
  • You cannot give away money within a game or packages that include money.

Gift process is easy, you just have to press the drop-down menu in the “Buy” button, choose “gift” and follow the onscreen instructions. If you are a member of Origin Access then you will also get some discounts on gifts as well.

On the other hand, the strangest of all, limitation is that you can only send gifts to friends who are in the same country as you.  What’s interesting here is that EA doesn’t have a regional limitation, but a country-specific one.

When expressly authorized by EA in writing, certain EA Content may be gifted, traded, and/or transferred. Unless expressly authorized by EA in writing, EA Content purchased from EA may only be gifted, traded, and/or transferred to residents of the same country as the purchaser. Gifts are completed transactions upon purchase, and such purchase of EA Content is between you and EA, and is subject to the terms of this Agreement.  EA may automatically facilitate or you may facilitate the gift, trade, and/or transfer of that EA Content to your designated recipient as the context requires and applicable to each individual gift, trade, and/or transfer.  You are responsible for ensuring that your designated recipient is (i) correctly identified, and (ii) the appropriate age to receive the gifted, traded and/or transferred EA Content.

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