During SIGGRAPH this year, the legendary annual conference of graphic technologies, Ready At Down was not ashamed to show their Playstation 4 exclusive title The Order: 1886, running on a PC.

Playstation Exclusive The Order: 1886 is Running on PC at 60fps 



In the announcement of the game, the studio said it would have been impossible to develop it if it were develop only for the Sony console, but now they not only run this game publicly on the PC platform, but better than his console version, as the game is running at constant 60 frames per second.

“Just to highlight the basic building blocks of this system, here you can see our scripting editor and the game running on PC. You’ll notice there is a light set block listed for each shot in the sequence.  It is enabled for that duration, and then disabled.”

Images captured during the event also indicate to the PC as one of the “target” engine platforms. Anyway, since Sony owns the IP, there are lots of chances that we will see a part of The Order: 1886 which will be not properly optimized, but we can bet that we will see future franchises Ready At Dawn on the PC platform.

Ready at Dawn also showed a comparison of game with volumetric lighting on and off, which you can see below, it definitely adds a higher level of the realism in scenes.





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