Order 1880 is the Ps4 Exclusive Master Piece game, the developers have recently confirmed that the game will run at 30Fps @1080p and will not reach to 60Fps.

The Order 1886 game will take you to the 19th Century London, with the Steam punk backgrounds and joined the real historical great peoples and leaders.  The Developers Ready at Dawn this is the most ambitious project ever they have. The game is equipped with the physx and other fur, steam effects, the Game will land on the Ps4 Platform this Year.

Order 1886
Order 1886

Order 1880 is the Ps4 Exclusive master piece game, the developers have recently confirmed that the game will run at 30Fps at 1080p and will not reach to 60Fps.

In an interview the Director Ru Weerasuria said that”We did not develop the game to run at 60Fps”

But the game will run at Full HD 1080p Screen to utilize the Physx and other cinematic effects, in order to achieve the goal of the highly graphic fluid feathers they don’t go to the High Frames.

The Order:1886 will also not support the Multiplayer Mode said by the Cofounder of Ready at Dawn Studio. The player will only enjoy the single player campaign, for the single player party, it’s good news, but not for the MP Players. 

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