No one plays online games with the intent to lose, and that is a simple fact. 

Of course, the degree to which you care over winning and losing may vary. That is perfectly understandable, and there is no pressure to become the next pioneer of no scoping scrubs on Call of Duty. All the same, though, upping your game is the name of the game, and it is often part of the fun of the title to learn the mechanics and progressively improve overtime. 

So, how can you get the edge over your opponents? Read on to find out. 

Follow the Esports Pros 

Online games are now a spectator eSport, rather than something that must and can only be played alone. 

Whether its Call of Duty, StarCraft, Fortnite or Rocket League, there are competitive divisions of all these games where tournaments are initiated, and hefty prize money is rewarded. In 2018, CNN listed eSports as a multi-billion dollar industry, and that wealth and interest has only accumulated more in the subsequent three years since. 

Research and study the big-name players in these events if you are serious about upping your game. Browse their interviews, learn their techniques, follow their social media platforms, and source any information from them that you can that will surely enhance your play. You can even watch them compete via streaming services such as Twitch, so be a figurative video game learning sponge and absorb all that they do that is game related.

Integrate Yourself into a Community

Online games have a fanbase, a community built around them that spark open discussion on the internet. 

Root yourself in the middle of all the chatter, and you will surely pick up a thing or two. Camping areas, map exploits, killer loadout options – it is all spit balled and debated among the fans across a plethora of forums. Eventually, you will work out a strategy you can carry forward into your games. 

You could even use these online spaces to try and join a guild or clan. Before long, you will be a valued member of their ranks, and a force to be reckoned with indeed. Or you could all group together in the game and 7v1 your opponent into submission. It works! 


Simple but effective, cheating is obviously a good way to leave all your opponents eating your dust. 

You might think there is a moral quandary to combat here but think about it further. Truly little about video games is inherently fair in the first place. Consider things like: 

  • Has your opponent undertaken a pay-to-win approach to playing the game? Does it make it okay just because they are paying extra for their ‘greatness’? It might be an official way to beat opponents the makers approve of, but that does not make it right per say. After all, you bought the same game for the same price. 
  • Do they have better broadband than everybody else? They will not be jittering around corners or missing targets at a lag spike. 
  • Do they have way more free time than you? No wonder they are pasting your entire team. 

Cheating is a big no-no in real world settings like your job, education, and in your romantic relationships. No one gets hurt, however, when cheating in video games. The HWID Spoofer from IWantCheats works on over 17 games for one price, removing threats of being banned and hiding your hardware from anti-cheat systems. This way, you can fly under the radar and one-up your opponents in an anxiety-free manner. You have nothing to lose, nor will you lose! 

Go Back to Your Life 

Everyone has a different definition of ‘getting the edge over their opponents’, and for some people, it involves calmly switching off machines and walking away. Plain and simple!

Interestingly, an article from The Washington Post ten years ago proposed that video game competitiveness, not violence in the content, spurred aggression in its players. Why onboard all that negative energy in being overly zealous? Expel it all from your system, learn to call things a day, and check-in with a loved one.  

The opponent may call you ‘chicken’, ‘noob’, or any number of immature slurs, but in the end, the game will be all they care about and you will have forgotten the incident, and the troll, the very next day. Life goes on, and if you cannot send your opponent back to the spawn point, it might be they have played too much, and you have simply made better decisions in real life. Take solace in that.   

Sometimes, the ability to let go and realise that there will always be someone better can be detoxicating. You do not have their amount of free time to ‘git gud’, because you were out exploring real world opportunities, and indulging in video games occasionally for a casual bit of good fun. Adopt that mindset, and you will have the ultimate victory, and the victory that actually matters, in the end.   

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