The OnePlus 2 would be announced tomorrow, July 27. And in the heat of announcement, it comes together with manufacturer own Virtual Reality glasses, but in this aspect a little thing, the classic cardboard with a hole to place the device inside. Regarding the Smartphone, we only know that it will be equipped with the Snapdragon 810 SoC and will use the fashionable port USB-C (USB 3.1), the latest USB standard.

OnePlus Two is making its way: Surprises revealed on 27 June

OnePlus 2 was already confrmend few months back in tweet on the official OnePlus account.


In the tweet, we have seen a half-erased a Oneplus One smartphone, and a “Time for a Change” slogan. Although not expressly a plus this picture has any specific meaning, but many users believe that “it means that OnePlus one has served its purpose, now OnePlus two is on the way

According to our grasp of message display, OnePlus 2 into the market most probably will be released in August, the specific configurations are not yet open, but should not be less than millet Note top version, for more information we have to wait until June 1 in order to see that what surprise OnePlus is brought to everyone.