During the One Punch Man Fall Festival, the cast and crew announced that the anime on the most powerful superhero in the world will get a most awaited second season. However, no release date has been announced.

One Punch Man: Series Will Have Second Season and Mobile Game


Moreover, it was also revealed that the anime will have a game for mobile too, the development of the game would be completed in the next year.

One-Punch Man takes after the adventures of Saitama, a superhero so capable that he can win the majority of his fights with a single punch. While such a large number of journalists throughout the years have claimed that Superman and characters like him are boring to make stories for in light of the fact that they’re too powerful, One-Punch Man milks humor from Saitama’s boredom at the relative lack of challenges his foes pose, and his showdowns with peculiar foes like Vaccine Man and Mosquito Girl.

The first season of One Punch Man was exhibited in 2015 and featured 12 episodes. The series was developed by Madhouse studio and directed by Shingo Natsume.

Are you looking forward to more One-Punch Man, whenever it comes?