One Piece – Pirate Warriors 3 is a glorious game· Bandai Namco Games took the responsibility to create the masterpiece of new work. The game will be based on a new combat team, which you have never seen before, adding new skills; comparable to the “Dynasty Warriors” freedom fighting mowing process and straightforward. As a next-generation game will get a lot of anime scenes the gorgeous “rebirth” of One Piece king seven Wu Hai.

One Piece – Pirate Warriors 3 is now Listed for PS4 on Amazon


The game has already been announced for PC, now the latest news is giving us hints that  One Piece – Pirate Warriors 3 will land on the PS4. As PS4 is now listed on Amazon and is scheduled for release on August 31th, 2015. Still, we don’t know that it is the definitive release for the US is not confirmed, but it might be that Amazon knows more than we do