The Japanese YouTube channel ‘V Jump’ has released a new gameplay video of One Piece: Burning Blood, this time showing the recently announced Blackbeard, playable character and the main antagonist of the story mode entitled Supreme War.

One Piece: Burning Blood – Gameplay Video of Blackbeard

Supreme War players allow us to relive the story arc “Marineford” manga and anime One Piece from a completely different perspective. You can play in four different episodes of the story, featuring Monkey D. Luffy, Whitebeard Portgas D. Ace, and Akainu.

Playable characters in One Piece: Burning Blood:

Straw Hat Pirates

  • Monkey D. Luffy (before and after the time jump, Fourth Gear, Afro Luffy, costume kung-fu).
  • Xoro (after the jump temporary).
  • Nami (after the time jump, swimsuit).
  • Usopp (after the jump temporary).
  • Sanji (after the jump temporary).
  • Tony Tony Chopper (after the jump temporary).
  • Nico Robin (after the time jump, swimsuit).
  • Franky (after the jump temporary).
  • Brook (after the jump temporary).

Whitebeard Pirates

  • Edward Newgate.
  • Framework.
  • Portgas D. Ace.
  • Jozu.

The Worst Generation

  • X. Drake (after the jump temporary).
  • Eustass Kid (after the jump temporary).

Other pirates

  • Perona (before the time jump, swimsuit).
  • Bartolomeo
  • Burguess.


  • Sakazuki (before and after the time jump).
  • Borsalino (before and after the time jump).
  • Issho.
  • Kuzan (before and after the time jump).
  • Smoker (after the jump temporary).
  • Sengoku (before temporary jump).

Revolutionary army

  • Sabo


  • At


  • Villa Syrup.
  • Drum.
  • Arabasta.
  • Skypiea.
  • Marineford
  • Thousand Sunny.
  • Dressrosa.
  • Corrida Coliseum.

As in the Grand Battle!, One Piece series: Burning Blood is a game of individual battles that will focus on the use of own abilities in the series, such as fruits Diablo, but also have characters with Haki techniques.

One Piece: Burning Blood will be released in Japan on April 21, but only for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. For North America it will be on sale during the month of June for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and PC.

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