Amidst the never-ending consoles war and the whole PC versus Consoles debate, only a handful of people know that in the past Nintendo and Sony worked together to produce a system which would play both Super Nintendo games and CDs created by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Once Sony and Nintendo Worked Together to Manufacture a Console namely “Play Station”


Allegedly, the project was named Play Station and was planned to arrive sooner than required 90s preceding Nintendo dumped Sony in the support of Philips. A claim took over and before the end of 1992 it was chosen that the new console would brag a Super Nintendo game port, however Nintendo would keep on utilizing Sony-designed sound chip.

Then again, in 1993, Sony chose to reconstruct the support, named it Playstation (which we all are acquainted with) and released it in Japan in 1994 took after by discharging it crosswise over U.S. also and Europe too in 1995.

Very little is known with respect to the model that both Nintendo and Sony were chipping away at, yet we as of late gained an affirmed picture of the said console, which is featuring both a CD drive and SNES port and uses a SNES controller.

Well, take a look at the picture below and let us know what the future of gaming would have been if Nintendo and Sony would have really worked out on the scrapped Play Station?


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