Retro is currently in. Look at the roaring success of shows such as Stranger Things and movies like IT. From fashion to music, to everything in between, vintage is currently hot to trot.

And technology is no exception to this rule. Folks all over the world are embracing vintage technology. In this article, we’re going to go through the hottest vintage tech that everyone loves in 2021.

Vintage Game Machines

A hot item is an Arcade1UP arcade machine. These are the vintage video game machines that you’ll remember from your childhood. Think of games like NBA Jam, pinball, Pacman, Space Invaders, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter – all the classics.

There is a resurgence of these machines, you’ll see them everywhere these days, from people’s homes to bars and clubs. 

Also, smaller game machines are still selling like crazy on the secondhand market. Think vintage systems like original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboys, Sega, and even Atari computers. 

If you’ve got a bunch of old game systems tucked away, you could be sitting on a valuable hoard. Of course, why would you sell it, when you have hours of sweet retro gaming at your fingertips? 

Calculator Watches

Another vintage piece of tech that is going through a massive resurgence is the humble calculator watch. Made primarily by Casio, these are digital watches that also have a fully functional powerful calculator built in them.

You’ll see them on the wrists of trendsetters all over major cities, from people working in tech startups to dads in the suburbs.

Music Technology 

Music technology has almost come full circle. For instance, vinyl records and turntables are huge at the moment. They are extremely popular with younger hipsters, who believe that they offer a superior listening experience.

People are also buying vintage amplifiers, speakers and other stereo equipment like it’s going out of fashion.

Also hot at the moment are vintage music players such as the humble Walkman and Discman. People are preferring to listen to tapes and CDs on the go, rather than streaming Spotify from their smart devices.

Also, the humble AM/FM radio is also in at the moment, especially vintage styles like Bakelite. You’ll find these on sale at most major department stores, and adorning kitchen shelves everywhere.


Yes, you read that right. Dumbphones is a blanket term for all sorts of mobile phones that don’t have smartphone capabilities – such as a touch screen and other modern features. Some people prefer to remain semi-unplugged by carrying an older phone, such as the flagship Nokia 3310.


You remember yours, don’t you? If you didn’t have a Tamagotchi when you were 9-12, you weren’t a kid growing up in the 1990s. 

Now, these digital pets are making a strong comeback, with adults and kids alike looking after their little creatures.

Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture

The old school polaroid is another piece of vintage technology making a comeback. There are plenty of different models of Polaroid cameras on the market today, all selling like hotcakes. What better way to make memories than by snapping a polaroid of those special moments?


Retro technology is making a resurgence in 2021, with many people adopting vintage technology. Arcade and pinball game machines are a key example, are calculator watches and all different sorts of music technology such as vinyl, walkmans, Discmans and radios. Also hot at the moment are dumbphones, Tamagotchis and polaroid cameras.

Now you’re all up to date on the hottest retro-tech that is still getting used in 2021. 

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