The leading developer of Sid Meier’s Civilization IV, Soren Johnson returns to the world of strategy with a new RTS: Offworld Trading Company. The game was announced in last May, the new game designed by Mohawk, the young study of Johnson and published by Stardock is far removed from the typical script of other modern strategy games.

The Earth is broken and ruined in banking, natural resources are exhausted, the nations fall and people are suffering. It’s time to go find new opportunities to other worlds. Destination: Mars. The mission: Riding a commercial enterprise that takes advantage of virgin resources of the red planet. Our weapon for war: Money.

In Offworld Trading Company players take command of a company on a mission to colonize Mars and extract the maximum amount of resources. Other companies also reached Mars in search of fortune and the war will not be fought with guns, weapons but with cool designs on the market. The ultimate goal is to achieve economic and commercial domain for our company, and lead to a broken bench to rest.

The Early Access Trading Company Offworld version will allow us to get command of our own company in a single player campaign or face our friends in a multiplayer vs. The game will be available from February 12 on Steam at a price of $ 35.99 (-10% discount with respect to the planned final price).

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