According to the latest survey, it has been reported that the future of the gaming, the virtual reality technology based Oculus Rift is leading the priority among the competing rivalries, Valve partnered HTC and the Sony.

Oculus winning the war among developers 

The survey was conducted lately prior to the upcoming gaming event, the Game Developers Conference 2016 (GDC) which will be held in the month of March. The survey was conducted from 2,000 different developers and experts regarding their work and interest virtual reality technology.

It was revealed that more than 19% of the developers were working for the games playable with the Oculus Rift at the moment, making Oculus the most preferred VR headset among the game developers. Meanwhile 8% with Samsung’s GearVR, 7% with Google Cardboard, and 6% with HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

Around 20% stated that their VR project would be on the Oculus Rift, compared to 9% for PlayStation VR and 8% for the Vavle/HTC Vive. While more than 40% said they weren’t working on virtual reality or augmented reality games at the moment.

It was noted that the risk for Oculus Rift will be witnessed when the game developers will get more attention towards the competitors. Around 75 % of the participants believed that Virtal Reality “is a long-term sustainable business to be in.

86% participants estimated that the VR headsets will be utilized by at least 10% of US households by the year 2030. While 27% of the participants said that according to them, the virtual reality headsets would ever surpass consoles.

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