Microsoft’s new Windows 10 is all set for the consumer use and will be released officially on July 29, next week. Much awaited gaming device known as Oculus Rift’s Virtual Reality (VR) headset is still under development and will be ready by early 2016. The software support of this device is currently not announced yet.

Earlier today, Oculus Rift’s spokesperson said that the device support with the latest Windows 10 is ”being worked on’‘ on the forum of Oculus. The member said,

Windows 10 support is coming, for sure, and is being worked on now. It’s just not ready for release yet, please be patient. Thanks.

The connection of VR headset with an Operating System is also more important to fully utilize the device. Microsoft also partner-shipped with the Oculus Rift and it was announced previously that the  games of Xbox One can be streamed to VR headset with the Windows 10 support.

The Windows 10 will be free for the users of Windows 7 and 8 and will be available to consumers by the next week while the VR headset support with the OS is not available yet but it is being said that the driver support will be coming very soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Oculus