Oculus lowers the price of Rift and Touch controllers to 399 dollars

Oculus Rift

With the emergence of other virtual reality goggles, Oculus is no longer the leading company in this growing segment. Now, Facebook has tried to give a boost to its Oculus Rift for the summer period, something for which the company of Mark Zuckerberg has lowered the price of the pack that includes the Rift and Touch motion controllers, a package right now (and for a limited time) is available for 399 dollars, that is, 449 euros to change.


“Now is the time to be pushing consumers into the product because they’ll find exciting things to do,” he said.

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At first, this pack of Rift + Touch had a price of 898 euros, a cost that was diminished with a permanent price drop to 708 euros, so the current discount of almost 36 percent is a great price to acquire a package of this caliber. You can buy the pack through this link .

However, the pack not only includes the Oculus Rift and the specific controls to use, but also brings an Xbox One controller and up to seven free titles to enjoy in Virtual Reality, so the package that the Facebook company offers could not be better if at the moment you are thinking of making the jump to VR from the PC platform.

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