[Rumor] According to the WCCFTech reports in the first quarter of 2016, NVIDIA will release the GeForce GT 930 in the market belonging to the low-price segment. Interestingly, Chinese sources say that the design would be available in three different versions – based on the Maxwell, Kepler and Fermi architecture.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 930 is coming in Q1 of 2016 


As reported by Chinese sources cited by WCCFTech, the Greens intend to start selling three models of GeForce GT 930. The units will vary in specifications and price. All will however be directed to those with less affluent portfolio, which are unlikely to play on the PC.

As already mentioned, the device will be based on three different cores, although the name will remain the same. The cheapest, costing $ 60 a representative of the new series will be a product based on the chip GF108 (Fermi). The layout was developed in the 40 nm design it offers 96 CUDA cores and 2GB of DDR3 memory. The manufacturer had used rail 64 bit / 128 bit and TDP was fixed at 50 W.

Another model of the GT 930 is equipped with a GK208 (Kepler). Here we have a 28-technological process, 384 CUDA cores, up to 4 GB of DDR3 / GDDR5, as well as 64- or 128-bit interface. ETD product is 25 / 40W and the price is 80 to $ 85. The latest version of the card is based on the chip GM108 offers 384 CUDA cores. As in the case of Kepler, used lithography 28 nm and up to 4 GB of DDR3 memory. TDP of the GT 930 is only 15 W. The price for the card is $ 90.

At the moment there are no data on whether the information is true, we advise you to take it with a pinch of salt. The rumor appeared along with leaks on the GT 940 based on the GM206 GPU Core. Cards with this chip would also appear in the first half of next year.

Graphics Card Name NVIDIA GeForce GT 930 NVIDIA GeForce GT 930 NVIDIA GeForce GT 930
GPU Name Maxwell GM108 Kepler GK208 Fermi GF108
GPU Process 28nm 28nm 40nm
GPU Cores 384 CUDA Cores 384 CUDA Cores 96 CUDA Cores
VRAM Up to 4 GB DDR3 Up to 4 GB DDR3/ GDDR5 Up to 2 GB DDR3
Bus Interface 64-bit 64-bit/128-bit 64-bit/128-bit
TDP 15W 25/40W 50W
Price $90 US $85-$80 US $60 US
Source: WCCFTech
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