According to the latest rumors, NVIDIA will stop manufacturing and selling the 2Gb version of GeForce GTX 960, leaving only the 4GB model in the market, which is selling in the market for slightly $20 higher. The reason? It is simple, the GeForce GTX 960 2GB is no match for a Radeon R9 380 which moves in the same price range offering 4GB of memory with a memory interface of 256 bits (128 bits vs. 2GB +).

NVIDIA would stop selling its GeForce GTX 960 2GB


The second reason is the performance difference between GTX 960 2GB and GeForce GTX 950 as both graphics cards are performing same in most of the game and the price difference is about 20 euros, which depleted sales of GTX 960 2GB, the gap is more comfortable to reach the 4GB model, which would be more competitive with AMD option.

via: TweakTown