In late 2015 we announced that Samsung had denounced NVIDIA for infringing four fundamental patents of the company that had to do with some graphics and Shield Tablet products. Now we know that Nvidia Corp. won a lawsuit for patent violation for a simple reason, Samsung Electronics Co. lost the right to several of these patents before the arrival of the trial, so the judge ordered the cancellation of three of the complaints.

The Green camp is obviously satisfied and the company spokesman Hector Marinez, spoke: ” we are very pleased with the outcome of this case, which reflects careful attention of the jury to the facts and applicable law. But as the title says, NVIDIA has won the battle, but not the war, since even the company is immersed in another trial that could lead to pay Samsung by way of royalties for each graphics card sold that patent breach affecting his memoirs.

Remember that the next generation of NVIDIA’s graphics cards will use HBM2 memory and there are only two manufacturers, one is SK Hynix with almost exclusive treatment of AMD, and another one is a Samsung, so NVIDIA could have problems with its sole supplier of memory if the long rope stretched or if their statements are not liked by the company.

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