Nvidia has lately impressed us a lot with the astounding release of their flawless Pascal architecture which was based on 16nm architecture. Now guess what….Reports have suggested that they are already planning on announcing their new line of 12nm GPUs entitled Volta!!!!!. Now that’s some news right? I don’t know what they are planning but whatever it is it better be meticulous
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Volta Allegedly To Be Announced In 2017

Recently some reports snitched by Fox Buisness have suggested that Nvidia is planning to release their Volta Architecture this year. According to Beyond3D a user , Volta is rumored to be manufactured on a “custom TSMC 12-[nanometer] process.” . Although that’s not a jump as big as their last one but still it is really something to build a completely new series of GPUs based on a different lithography in just a year….If the reports are true that is.

However gamers hold your horses and be vary that these GPUs will be probably released for supercomputers only. Gamers will have to stand in line for a bit longer before they get to taste these scrumptious delights. For you folks Nvidia will be releasing a refresh of Pascal for the prolonged 1080 Ti All of this is Alleged nothing is completely confirmed I keep on repeating this t prevent even the slightest misconceptions. There is no word ensuring the news but there are always rumors and they will always be there regardless if they turn out to be true or just fade in the air without leaving a trace…

Now the story for Volta wont end here . Volta will be available for gamers in the near future around 2018 under the “30-” Prefix which is said to prevail the legacy of Pascal refresh’s “20-” or”10-” prefix. They will comprise of the HBM2 and GDDR6 Memory…The codenames are as follows:




NVIDIA GeForce 20 Series Pascal Refresh (Rumored) Lineup:

Graphics Card Name GPU Core CUDA Cores Clock Speed (Boost) Memory Bus Memory Type Memory Clock Expected Price
GeForce GTX Titan Black V2 GP102 Pascal Refresh 3840 CCs ~1600 MHz 384-bit bus interface GDDR5X 12 GHz $1200 US
GeForce GTX 2080 Ti GP102 Pascal Refresh 3384 CCs ~1700 MHz 384-bit bus interface GDDR5X 10 GHz $799 US
GeForce GTX 2080 GP104 Pascal Refresh 2560 CCs ~2000 MHz 256-bit bus interface GDDR5X 12 GHz $499 US
GeForce GTX 2070 GP104 Pascal Refresh 2048 CCs ~1800 MHz 256-bit bus interface GDDR5X 10 GHz $349 US
GeForce GTX 2060 Ti GP106 Pascal Refresh 1280 CCs ~2100 MHz 192-bit bus interface GDDR5/GDDR5X 8-10 GHz $229 US
GeForce GTX 2060 GP106 Pascal Refresh 1024 CCs ~1900 MHz 192-bit bus interface GDDR5/GDDR5X 8-10 GHz $179 US
GeForce GTX 2050 GP107 Pascal Refresh 768 CCs ~1700 MHz 128-bit bus interface GDDR5 8 GHz $139 US

Table Source, Creds : WCCFTECH
Source: Fox Business & WCCFTECH

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