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NVIDIA to increase price tags of Enthusiast level GPUs by 15%


As we always say competition is good” and with not much impressive launch of AMD Radeon Fury (not selling well in the market), demand for NVIDIA’s High-end GPUs have been increasing in the market, especially in China. Companies like KFA2 / GALAX or Asus have already announced they that there will be no shortage of graphical products, so NVIDIA and its partners will benefit to the rising price of its high-end graphics in an average of 15 percent.

NVIDIA to increase Prices of its High-end GPUs, due to Strong Demand


China is the largest market of graphics cards worldwide and shipments of graphics cards have seen a decline at a much slower than expected in the 2015 pace, this is due to the growing demand for games as they demand better graphics cards.

The biggest graphics card manufacturer worldwide, Palit Microsystems, which also produces graphics cards for sub-brand GALAX, is expected to ship over eight million graphics cards in 2015 with Asustek Computer coming in second with 4.6-4.8 million units. Gigabyte Technology and Micro-Star International (MSI) are expected to ship 3.2 million units each.

As for the Chinese market, Colorful  will be the largest supplier of graphics cards, followed by GALAX and Asus. Although most manufacturers have not seen graphics handling growth in 2015 is expected to increase its revenue by at least 20% due to price increases. Colorful, Asus and Palit are functioning better than 2014 in terms of earnings.

It is expected that MSI will see a growth this year in shipments, while Gigabyte might see a fall of about 10%.

Via: Digitimes