The latest news is coming from the  foregin media chiphell. In this leaked they have shown the benchmark of NVIDIA GM200 (Also Known as Big Daddy) GTX Titan II and from AMD side their Next Generation Graphics cards, AMD Radeon R9 390X and AMD R9 380X are taking part in it. This is an unofficial news and benchmarks so take this news with a pinch of salt. All three cards are high-end and they would soon make their entry into the market to entertain the players. Apart from today’s benchmarks previously, we have also seen one benchmark battle of GTX 980 and R9 390X.

NVIDIA Titan 2, AMD Fiji 380X and Bermuda 390X Leaked Benchmarks

AMD R9 390X

Till now AMD next Generation High-end Graphics card’s core is a mystery, before there were lots of rumors that it will feature Bermuda and Bermuda XT, but after the latest leak from the shipping database of Zauba all winds are moving towards the Fiji. Well taking as a source from Chiphell they claim that both cards AMD R380X and R9 390X are featuring Fiji and Bermuda GPU core also the process node is 20nm and this work has done by Globalfoundries (previously there were lots of rumors that this time AMD will not give the right hand to TSMC.). For NVIDIA’s Titan II there is no news on process node, but we know that it will feature the GM200 GPU core . Also the interesting thing is that, there are more than one version of GM200, one would be the half version with 2688 CUDA cores and a fully unlocked full fat version with an unknown number of CUDA cores. If we talk about the performance the full fat version or you can say unlocked GM200 is 34% faster than the GTX 980 according to the leaks. This puts it at roughly 2816-3072 CUDA cores assuming it’s slightly underclocked compared to the GTX 980.


You can see the benchmark of all three bad boys who are running in this race, all the GPUs are mentioned in some strange letters or codewords. Also one thing is Worth noting that the final result will be different from this chart as for now all three are still engineering samples.

The first results are very promising, as the two weaker models, and so they have to offer better performance than the current leaders of the performance. Radeon R9 380X “Fiji XT” is about 30% more efficient than the Radeon R9 290X, and at the same time is characterized by significantly lower demand for electricity. Weak-core GeForce Maxwell GM200 is a bit more efficient, but also gets a bit more power.


The Ultra HD resolution of the situation is equally interesting, as the Radeon R9 390X “Bermuda XT” offers slightly better performance than competitive model GeForce GTX Titan 2 with full core Maxwell GM200. GeForce ranked below the ‘half’ core Maxwell GM200, and just behind him Radeon R9 380X “Fiji XT”. Importantly, all new cards are based on the same GPU and offer better performance than single-current models, but on the other hand, even the chart-topping Radeon R9 390X offers a slightly worse performance than the current performance leader Radeon R9 295X2 (with two cores Hawaii XT).

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