From the performance test point of view, NVIDIA Tegra X1 new mobile processor performance is indeed very strong, 3DMark, GFXBench 3.0 and in another test the performance is far better than Apple A8X, the average power consumption is also lower. There are also some rumors that this processor will also power the future smartphones.

NVIDIA has just finished describing the details of 2015’s first burst from their side, which is very effective. I’m talking about newly released NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, specifications and performance on Unreal Engine. The new SoC is based on 20nm process node, 64-bit architecture truly 8-Cores A53 + A57. And for GPU Maxwell architecture based 256 core beast and other very amazing things which we have mentioned in our previous post. The Floating point numbers  are really amazing if you see it’s a SoC. Also supports 10bit 4K @60FPS decoding and so on. Officials have also showcased the performance comparison of NVIDIA Tegra X1 with Tegra K1 and Apple A8X in some PPT slides, but most of us main concerned is about the actual performance.

NVIDIA Tegra X1 Performance Tests: Performance threw away Apple A8X

Nvidia Tegra X1

First look at the picture above, this is the true beauty of NVIDIA Tegra X1. Tegra K1 was totally different in terms of look, Tegra X1 at the top and sides has some opened holes. Below you can see the test board on which test has been conducted.


In this Power Point slide, NVIDIA Tegra X1 has just won the race in every field

Then here we have something interesting, Singapore media HardwareZone has reported some simple scene of ongoing tests, including 3DMark, Ice Storm Unlimited, GFXBench 3.0, Manhattan Game Benchmarks.

As a contrast, Apple A8X reached at 21,665 points.
This game is called “Tainted Keep”. Benchmark measured the average number of frames is 55.6FPS, the settings are set to Ultra.
Here are the Tegra X1 results on GFXBench, a popular Android graphics benchmark utility.

In addition to performance test content, here is a power test, the results showed that the average power consumption of Tegra X1 only 1.498W, while A8X is 2.651W.


The site also mentioned that although the conference mentioned only smart car product NVIDIA Drive CX, but NVIDIA will use NVIDIA Tegra X1 in Smartphones, tablet computers and Chromebook. You read right, here we are talking about the smartphones but we don’nt know if it will be divided into several versions.

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