In terms of Mobile Computing Nvidia Tegra processors are always gone like Nvidia is selling them in free, every time it brought the house down. Tegra 2’s first dual-core A9, Tegra 3’s first quad-core A9, Tegra 4 first quad-core A15. But always easy shot stands out, each generation has become the object of others spike after release.

Tegra K1 and the first two versions, First version will be equipped with Quad-Core Cortex-A15 architecture, and the other version is Nvidia Self-Developed flavor Nvidia Dual-Core 64-Bit Denver architecture, additionally both are based on a Kepler GPU architecture with 192-super Cores.

Nvidia Tegra K1 AnTuTu Benchmark
Nvidia Tegra K1 AnTuTu Benchmark

After seeing such high score the one question rise in mind about the power consumption of Tegra K1. Reason might be the Nvidia Tegra family previous release Tegra 4 based on the integration of 4-Cores suffer a lot of heating issue also power hungry and 28nm process is not so optimistic,  SHIELD handheld was forced to take the initiative to install a fan to run full frequency, to the tablet and the phone can only be reduced frequency, which also an important factor scarce their products.

Now come to Tegra K1, the first version of Tegra K1 is also based on 4 A15 Cores and process is still 28nm, and also equipped with the massive Kepler GPU, power consumption and heat will happen??

Nvidia Tegra K1, one chip 2 versions
Nvidia Tegra K1, one chip 2 versions

About the power consumption of Tegra k1 Nvidia did not mention much about it, just a “5W” marked posted on the Slide of presentation at CES 2014. Although the smart phone in the SoC is best controlled at 2-3W, the tablet can only be relaxed to about 4W, Tegra K1 seems to have reduced frequency.


Nvidia at this huge demonstration uses an aluminum heatsink, looks passive cooling can get, but SemiAccuate think actually secretly hidden inside a fan, because the heat sink is too great, significantly higher than the todays tablet?  Smartphone Multi exaggerated, even Plat will not be so.

In addition, the platform an external power adapter, from a specification point of view is 12V, 5A output, which is the maximum power of 60W.

Of course, this is the peak, the entire platform can not consume so much. SemiAccurate considered taking into account this platform feels just warm, not hot, it is estimated that the actual power consumption should be in such a range of 35-40W.

A platform where almost no other components, or may be under the heatsink. Even then put too wide, Tegra K1 consumption is almost impossible to less than 10W.

SemiAccurate concluded that, Tegra K1 and if you really have to run sub leaked official claims so dramatically, the power consumption will surely be very high, and if the power consumption is indeed official claims so low, the performance cannot possibly go, NVIDIA certainly in some way lied.

I know Tegra K1 is a big achievement, but the only thing I want to see this acthivement implementation, and just hope this do not let us wait too long.

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