At this GTC 2014 Conference, NVIDIA Comes with their great performance Graphic Card with 8Tflops and 12GB Vram Titan Z, and also announced a new Tegra mobile processor roadmap, for the first time revealed the Tegra K1’s successor, codenamed still from the U.S. Comic book superhero ” Erista. “

The Tegra 3 code is Superman card – Al (Kal-El), Tegra 4 is Batman Bruce Wayne (Wayne), Tegra K1 taken from Wolverine Logan (Logan).

Erista lot of people may not be familiar, in fact, he is a super hero, and was the son of Wolverine. Such as the number two generations of products to replace it is very appropriate (but Logan has no grandchildren).

NVIDIA Tegra K1 successor: Erista, son of Logan, Maxwell GPU Architecture

NVIDIA Tegra Roeadmap, K1 successor: Erista
NVIDIA Tegra Roeadmap, K1 successor: Erista

Erista details were not disclosed, merely saying will spend Maxwell GPU architecture, Tegra K1 spend the first Kepler, Maxwell has just launched on the desktop, Tegra significantly accelerated pace. Erista release scheduled for 2015, Will be named as Tegra M1?


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