So the news is Nvidia Super 192 Core Chip Tegra K1 would be in a roundup with AMD and Intel for the war of  MicroServers. If the war between two vendors of graphics cards was extended to that of ARM servers? Indeed, we know that AMD wants to enter this market as growing storage needs with increasingly large, which require little but powerful ARM servers.

ARM chips are perfectly suitable for this purpose and as reported by Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, the company may be trying to get its ARM chips in servers.

Nvidia Tegra K1 in servers to compete with AMD and Intel

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Chip

The “Will” has not been so clearly expressed. When presenting the results of Nvidia first quarter 2015, the company’s CEO was asked about the possibility of developing chips for micro servers. He said he saw a lot of interest, but need to do things one by one. In other words, the company’s efforts are not oriented to this goal time. Nvidia would be capable Tegra K1 in its 64-bit version was designed by the engineers of the company, based on the ARMv8 instruction set. 

Now in the competition AMD should develop itself ARM chips, like its future architecture K12 to the embedded world and ultra mobility. AMD and Nvidia are however not alone in this market, many companies have their own ARM design.

Intel does not leave aside, this market but offers only x86 chips: Atom Avoton with 8 cores based on Silvermont architecture. The efforts of manufacturers are moving more and more towards the market low consumption chips while AMD seems to prepare his return to high performance chips. In any case the one thing is sure: there are more bits and it goes fast!

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