We believe most of our readers know NVIDIA GameWorks, a suite of programming libraries and utilities that game developers used and even those outside of the gaming business can use keeping in mind the end goal to streamline game advancement and deliver more reasonable game in terms of visuals or physics.

NVIDIA: Source Code Of GameWorks Tools Now Publicly Available


NVIDIA GameWorks is intended to push the gaming business forward, pushing higher quality visuals and thus pushing NVIDIA to introduce more capable Graphics cards to make accessible to customers.

While the greater part of this sounds great, the set of libraries has not been free from the start, lots of games in the past have been known for being overly demanding on systems, particularly for those who are running on AMD Hardware and developers have criticized NVIDIA for not making the Source Code for GameWorks tools openly accessible, rather just offering it to specific developers secretly upon solicitation.

Presently it appears that with the Release of GameWorks 3.1 NVIDIA is moving to wind up more Open with GameWorks, having declared that PhysX, PhysX Clothing, PhysX Destruction, Volumetric Lighting and Nvidia’s FaceWorks Demo are currently accessible with Source Code on Github, with HairWorks, HBAO+ and WaveWorks being included at a later date.

This move makes NVIDIA’s GameWorks significantly more like AMD’s GPUOpen, however the greater part of Nvidia’s Tools and libraries won’t be accessible to people in general with source code from the begin, however Nvidia do say that they expect to release the source code for “most or all technologies over time”.

With everything taken into account making the Source code freely accessible for tool is an extremely positive move for NVIDIA, however at this moment we are not sure the amount of developers will be allowed to alter the code.




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