NVIDIA has introduced a great demonstration of HairWorks 1.1 onto its YouTube channel. The 1-min clip parades the constant estimation of around half a million virtual hair, offering a flat out sensible impact.

NVIDIA Showcased Realistic HairWorks 1.1 Demo with 500K Fluttering Hair


The realistic representation of hair in the gaming scene has dependably been a test for visual originators. It’s something that is straightforwardly identified with the force of a GPU. Chip producer NVIDIA is effectively attempting to get change this part, and for this reason it has added to the supposed HairWorks innovation.

Already, NVIDIA has led tests with 22,000 separate strands, that has been truly a win. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is among the first games to exploit the NVIDIA HairWorks, utilizing which it has extraordinarily upgraded the noticeable hairstyles of the characters in the game.

Yet, the work of the most recent variant 1.1 is simply stunning, at this very moment a practical looking representation of human hair.

The card used to record the feature is the GeForce GTX 980, and it’s not utilized in light of the fact that it is sufficiently intense, but rather the way that HairWorks usefulness only supports NVIDIA cards. Which implies AMD Radeon card users won’t have the capacity to appreciate this noteworthy impact.

With next-Gen hair physics turning out to be more mainstream with time, there is doubtlessly HairWorks will keep advancing toward NVIDIA GameWorks titles. Despite the fact that I barely accept that any game would run smooth with such precise hair simulations going on.

Ideally, as things advance and equipment gets more progressed to accomplish these visual increases, we’ll have the capacity to see more productive variants of these hair simulation procedures.

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